Valid until 31 August


Exfoliation - microdermabrasion, peel or a gentle enzyme mask for a more delicate skin.

Facial Massage - we steam and massage with hyaluronic acid which keeps the skin humid and plump.

Hydrojelly - this super soothing and hydrating mask pushes active products deeper into the skin while calming and lifting it simultaneously.

LED - Blue, Red and Near Infrared can be used to stop acne bacteria in its tracks, boost collagen, calm inflammation and promote healing.

More Massage - we add massage to face, neck shoulders, arms and hands throughout your facial.

60 minutes $140 - usual price $170

Esthemax Hyaluronic Acid Hydrojelly Mask 1

Valid until 31 July

Hot stone massage

Warm up with hot stone massage this winter. Smooth basalt stones are place on points of your body, delivering heat deep into the muscles. This helps with tension relief, detoxifies the muscles and is deeply relaxing.

For a less stress and better sleep, intro offer for July only!

45 minutes $50 - save $29!


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