Pregnancy Treatments

During this incredible time in your life, a few changes to your beauty treatments might be necessary. Massage is incredibly supportive as your body adjusts to extra weight and changes in how you sleep. We have trained in pregnancy massage to help relieve aches and pains in a relaxing and safe manner. We only massage during the second and third trimester, and we require clearance from your midwife or doctor. You can download our clearance form here.

Many women like to maintain their Brazilian bikini waxing throughout pregnancy, which in most cases is perfectly fine. Some do find it a little more painful due to the increased sensitivity, and some clients can experience ingrown hairs they didn't have before. In these cases we find switching from a Brazilian wax to a high bikini wax is the best solution the keeping tidy.

Pedicures are a fantastic wax to relax and keep your feet tidy if you can no longer reach them, and of course facials will help reduce skin dryness that can often occur during this time. We also offer the Bestow Beauty Oil, an essential fatty acid supplement to support your skin, as your body does demand more nutrients during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Massage

We adjust our massage techniques here so as not to overstimulate your body as it's already got lots of work to do! We also bolster you with extra pillows to support your changing body, and give you a bit of extra time for getting comfy. Second and Third Trimesters only, and clearance is required. Please download the Pregnancy Clearance Form and have it signed off by your LMC. Email it back to us or bring to your first appointment.

30 minutes $60

45 minutes $80

60 minutes $95